1. I am currently reading “Henri Cartier-Bresson: A Biography” by Pierre Assouline… and it is changing my life.


  2. Feelin pretty cute waiting for my Skype date with my friend who moved to France! 


  3. I am organizing a “Thriller” flash mob!!! If you live in Nashville and want to be a part of this epic performance, join the Facebook group. Let’s do dis.


  4. Journal Entry This Morning

    I am three weeks away from moving in to my new home. My home here in Whites Creek is now on the market. There are major changes taking place, and I am accepting and loving these changes. But I will miss this house. I’ll miss this land. But only from time to time. Maybe I’ll take drives every now and again through this beautiful country side, and I’ll remember how I truly came in to my own here. These woods provided my healing. This wind helped me feel. My parents bought this place when I graduated high school, and for the next five years I have been in and out. I truly believe it’s these years that have had the most influence in shaping me into the woman I am, and continue to become. I thank you. Thank you for the growth. I honor you. Now I look toward the future. This continuing journey.


  5. A new friend in the creek by my home.
    Whites Creek, TN
    August 2014

    Photo by Bonnie Blue Britt


  6. Missing this girl right now. My best friend, she’s out on the road rockin’ the bass in a three piece girl power band. I’m so lucky to get to move in with her in just a few weeks!
    June 2013
    Whites Creek, TN

    Photo by Bonnie Blue Britt


  7. I suggest you listen to this.
    One of my favorite local bands here in Nashville. All Them Witches.


  8. At my family’s home. Here are friends and my mother listening to an acoustic jam happening around the bonfire. The man that is sitting and wearing plaid passed away suddenly only a few months after this party. He was a huge music lover and a fan turned friend of my parents.
    Whites Creek, TN
    October 2013

    Photo by Bonnie Blue Britt


  9. One of our final meetings. My favorite spot in Old San Juan.
    San Juan, PR
    March 2014

    Photo by Bonnie Blue Britt


  10. Okay this MJ shirt = Greatest. Find. Ever. I left my number with the consignment store that I go to last week and told them to call me if another MJ shirt came through, and LO AND BEHOLD look what I got :)
    I realize I’ve been posting a lot of photos of me but you know what? My skin looks the best it’s looked in a long time. My hair color is rockin. And I got two MJ shirts. Oh yeah.
    ….But I swear I’ll post some photography TODAY.


  11. Feelin’ babely in my new hair color 


  12. Okay…. so my friend last night told me about a mutual friend of ours that MET MICHAEL JACKSON when he was like 6 years old!!! She said that MJ moonwalked for him and then put his hat on our friend’s head! He still has the hat. My heart almost exploded. 


  13. bonniebritt:

    Did you know I make videos too? These are like flashes of my memories. I made this one last year with about a year’s worth of footage from my life, and a lot of synchronistic events came from making this.

    "Once In Awhile" 
    Filmed and edited by Bonnie Blue Britt
    Music by Gene Evaro Jr.

    Last night I was sad because a new friend of mine who was visiting from Italy left. It made me think about all of the people that I love who are so far away from me. I was thinking about how fast life moves, and how many beautiful fleeting experiences I have, and how I wish I could hold on to them. Sometimes when I’m nostalgic I watch this video (and others that I make). I just watched this again now and was overcome with the knowledge that this is why I have all of these experiences and connections… They are gifts given to me to move through my creative channel and preserve as beautiful works. It made me cry because it was one of those beautiful moments when I feel like I’m actually being touched by God.


  14. Yes. Truth.


  15. Got my hair done yesterday AND I found this Michael Jackson Off the Wall t-shirt at the consignment store! ALL GOOD THINGS HAPPENING.